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Millie Dynamite



Millie was born in Texas on September 10, 1989. She is an African-American female. Millie spent her teenage years as a runaway – living on the streets. For ten years, Miss Dynamite lived a hard life scratching out a living, and did things to get by that scared her. Never giving up on herself, she turned her life around and is now a productive member of society.

With her checkered past behind her, she now writes short stories as a type of therapy. Millie draws on those awful times to enrich her stories. The stories she writes are of an adult nature and can be soft and romantic or harsh and gritty.

Miss Dynamite’s employs a vivid use of the language to allow the reader to see the  action  in her  stories. At  times, Millie steps back, cutting  descriptions short to allow the reader to form their own impression of certain aspects. She feels that sometimes, your perception will be deeper, darker, and sexier than the words can describe. The stories Millie writes can be dark and disturbing, or romantic and thrilling, yet always evoke an emotional response. Her goal is to make the story come to life for the reader.

As to Millie's personal life, she lives quietly with her life partner, Jo. They have one cat, ‘Captain Tom’ and fish. The fish live in constant terror of the Captain. Millie enjoys reading as much as writing; she loves horror, erotica, mysteries, and stories that mix the three.


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Vengeance is Mine

This is a very interesting exploration of an obsessive quest for retribution.  Fascinating perspective, relating the reasons and determination of the killer. Blaming the victim, a very common theme. I would have to say, there is some understanding of this blame, given the circumstances. The story is intriguing and darkly disturbing. One could almost taste the sweetness of the revenge. Thanks for sharing.

Reader Review
Light Pink Roses
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